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What Does LOLA Do?

Lake Orion Algae & Weed Management SAD – Approval of the Lake Orion SAD by Orion Township Board highlights the most significant undertaking ever by LOLA and the importance of having a strong lake association.  Success was underscored by maintaining complete transparency throughout the process including preparation of Informational Packets announcing the SAD along with key information explaining the SAD in detail.  This was followed by an Informational Meeting hosted by LOLA.  Using area coordinators from our Neighborhood Weed Treatment Program, we were able to obtain the needed petition signatures in a thirty day period keeping the proposed SAD on track for implementation in 2015.  We are very proud of this accomplishment and could not have done it without your support. 

 • No-Wake Buoy Program – The No-Wake Buoy Program was established in 1986 by LOLA to address lake resident concerns with protection of our shorelines from erosion due to boat wakes.  There are seventeen No-Wake buoys in the LOLA fleet with locations approved by DNR permit.  This program continues to be a LOLA commitment to Lake Orion.  LOLA volunteers maintain the fleet including seasonal installation and removal of the buoys.  Funding for the program comes from membership dues and Buoy-Buddy donations. 

 • Water Quality – LOLA participates in state-wide water quality monitoring program through the Michigan Lakes & Streams Association Cooperate Lakes Monitoring Program conducting seasonal water quality testing of Lake Orion’s water.  Testing monitors water clarity and, chlorophyll and phosphorus levels in the lake.  Results of these tests can be viewed by visiting www.micorps.net.

 • Oakland County Sheriff Marine Division Boat Patrols – LOLA has been instrumental in coordinating with Orion Township and Oakland County Sheriff’s Department Marine Division to continue the Marine patrols on Lake Orion.   

Dragon On The Lake (DOTL) Lighted Boat Parade & Dragon Boat Races – LOLA is responsible for the Lighted Boat Parade which is the kickoff for the DOTL weekend.  LOLA also supports the Dragon Boat races by providing the safety patrols for the race area to assure that the boating spectators keep their boats in the viewing area.

2019 Dragon on the Lake Lighted Boat Parade Winners

And the winners are:



First Place Boat - John Richardson & Crew / "Rock the Boat" 


Second Place Boat - Dave Schuster & Crew / "Under the Sea"


Third Place Boat - Rachel Redmont & Crew / "White Claw"


Honorable Mention Boat - Mary Mathews & Crew / "Bubble Bath"


Many thanks to all who participated.  Looking forward to next year!


Special thanks to Ray C's Cycle & Sports, Inc of Lapeer for sponsoring this event.


The parade was lead by the famous Lake Orion Dragon tamed and handled by Scott Campbell and his crew.  Well done Scott!


The parade was hosted by the Lake Orion Lake Association (LOLA)

Video of the 2019 Parade was produced by Joe Johnson of Orion ONTV

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Video of LOLA's 2018 fall Extraction of the No-wake buoys

Video filmed by Orion ONTV's Pat Belandger 

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PLM Notice of 2020 Lake Treatments

Click the download button to see the PLM Notice 2020 for Lake Treatment Dates on Lake Orion