Welcome to Lake Orion Lake Association

The Lake Orion Lake Association (LOLA) is comprised of hundreds of lake residents and visitors who care deeply about Lake Orion. Our members support LOLA activities and actions that preserve the natural amenities of the lake, as well as the public trust.

Lake Orion is a 505 acre lake nestled in the heart of Lake Orion, Michigan, within the picturesque landscapes of northern Oakland County. Lake Orion is a captivating waterbody retreat for residents and visitors alike. With its clear water and scenic shores, Lake Orion is a haven for water enthusiasts. The lake boasts a blend of charming homes and recreational facilities, making it a desirable destination for those seeking a peaceful lakeside lifestyle. Lake Orion stands as a timeless gem within Michigans natural beauty.

The Lake Orion Lake Association is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of Lake Orion for the health of its residents and its fish and wildlife through monitoring and education.

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Ways to Help Lake Orion

What Can You Do?

  • Your help starts by joining LOLA and becoming part of an organization dedicated to our lake community.
  • You can also help by volunteering for a committee.
  • You can become an ambassador for LOLA by passing the word & encouraging others to join.
  • If you don’t want not to join, but still want to help, you can make a donation to help defray our expenses.

Your support is key to LOLA’s success … join LOLA today!

In Loving Memory

Tonino ZaccagniniTonino Zaccagnini
Sept. 9, 1967 – June 16, 2023

In loving memory of Tonino Zaccagnini of Victoria Island, a cherished and loved member of our lake community whose presence brought joy to all. May this dedication serve as a tribute to our love we shared and the love we have always had for our beautiful community of Lake Orion. May his memory live on in the beautiful sunsets, gentle waves and shared moments of camaraderie among neighbors. Though he may be gone, his legacy of kindness and friendship will continue to enrich the lives of our amazing community for generations to come. – Love Always and Forever, Kelly

We would like to thank Kelly Kubek for her generous donation to LOLA in memory of Tonino. Her donation will be used over the next five years to offset the cost of maintenance and deployment of the 17 no-wake buoys on Lake Orion.

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